About Us

Who is Squarezone Ltd?

Squarezone has been trading since 1985 and is well known in the finance industry for its hand held computers used by sales staff to calculate instant quotations for mortgages, hire purchase and lease purchase agreements. The key to the success of the Squarezone calculator has been its simplicity, this has also been the key to the success of the Club-Sites and SpeedEweb systems.

Tom Sayers, managing director of Squarezone Ltd, was developing a website for his local Lions Club and realised that there was a need for an affordable website design system for clubs and other charitable organisations. 

Keeping in mind affordability, simplicity and multiple-user editing, Club-Sites was born.

Club-Sites has been joined by a similar model suitable for small businesses called SpeedEweb

The features and apps are constantly reviewed and improved.

Both systems are produced by Squarezone Ltd.