This system will help you to create a tick-list so that members may indicate their event participation and choice of any options.

You can print your tick-list for circulating at a meeting or you can invite members to log-in and indicate their choices. A logged-in member will be able to view the whole tick-list but only set their own options. The Admin user or owner of the tick-list will be able to make any changes.

The table of member names is automatically taken from the email forwarding system, which is maintained by the website Admin user and therefore should always be up-to-date. Non-members may also be included in your tick-list if they have been included in the email forwarding system.

Why do I need Tick-lists?

Most members are not on-line all the time. Many don't have email on their mobiles. When they do read an email requesting help, they check their diaries and think about it, by which time the email has disappeared. Not many will respond negatively (embarrassed?) and will assume no response means no. It is easier to tick 'N/A' than send reasons why.

There is also an extra burden for the organiser, who has to read the response, open a spreadsheet or whatever is used to record responses. Generally the spreadsheet is only accessible when at home on the PC. If sharing the data, the spreadsheet has to be emailed - not as secure as on-line.

When sending a reminder, the organiser may or may not attach the spreadsheet so that you can check if you did respond. However everyone receives it, whether or not they have responded. This can lead to "we get too many emails" gripes.


When a member logs in to view the Tick List, they see all of the details at the top of the page and all members (on this particular list) below that. Each member can see the responses of other members but can only update their own row.

Car Show

Venue Map:GU14 0NH
Organiser Owner:Ian Inside
Notes Three members required at 8:30am to guide stall holders to their pitches.
Members needed in 2 hour shifts until 1:00pm.

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Name 08:30 09:00 11:00 Name 08:30 09:00 11:00
Michael MICRO Nicky NIFTY
Victor VIVA Total (11) 4 3 5

Please pass on and return to the organiser (Fred Freddo) >>>>>>