Membership Database

Each record contains:

Name (obligatory)


Telephone numbers (home, work and mobile)

Email address

Partner's name

Date of birth 

Their user name for accessing the Members' area



User level: admin, editor or member (editable only by administrator)

Membership type: Joint, senior, honorary, etc (this can be tailored to your club's requirement)


Subscription records

Easy to update

Members can log in and update their record at any time - useful for anyone moving house or changing preferred contact details

Logging in

To log in the first time members go to the log in page, and select Register, they will be asked for their name and email address, if this information matches the database exactly they will be sent a link to their record where they add their own password.

Once this is done they can log in at any time to see files in the Members area and they can also update their contact information (for instance if they move house).