Email forwarding

The Webmaster or administrator has access to email forwarding in the members area. 

Each member's name is added to the list together with their personal email address.  So emails addressed to john.smith@yourclub are automatically forwarded to jandjsmith@aol

By adding a generic title to the group column such as treasurer means that any emails addressed to treasurer@yourclub are automatically forwarded to John Smith's personal address.  If he is part of a group such as the committee then by adding committee to the group column will mean that he receives any emails addressed to the committee@yourclub along with all the other committee members.  So useful with big committees - it's so easy to miss someone off a long list!

Here are just a few of the advantages:

Your website email forwarding system allows for up to 100 names (if you need more let us know).  So there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to have an email address - and it's quick and easy to set up.

Setting up email forwarding

Go to the Members area and select Email forwarding.

Enter the member's name in the first column (eg Juliet Browne), then the email name (juliet.browne) and finally their personal email address.

Email forwarding screen

To add a member to a group (eg teas) or set a rule that emails to the treasurer go to them add the information in the or this group column, separate with commas or spaces but not both.

email forwarding_3

Click update at the end.

You can update this list very easily, just edit the information - don't worry if it's a long list as the system automatically reorders the list in alphabetically by forename.

In our list we opted to make email names first name dot last name @ but it could be just first name at eg dorothy@  or you could use initials eg dm@ jb@