Private files

Files that may be accessed only by logged-in users may be stored on our secure servers and are backed-up hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. The Admin user may give full access or read-only access to Members.

You may archive files to a sub-folder. They are automatically saved in the year they were created e.g. /archives/2016-17/...

Selected users may keep their own Private files on the server. No-one else (other than Squarezone Club-Sites) has access to these files (not available on Club-Sites Basic).

These files are available to Admin users, Editors and Members. Your Admin user may change this.

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Your personal files

These files can only be accessed by you and Squarezone Ltd

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The following files are on the server:

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555Kb 26‑06‑2018

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Meeting Minutes 20180323.pdf

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111Kb 06‑04‑2018

Common files

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