Santa tracker

Follow your Santa Float around the streets using GPS tracking on a mobile phone that is carried on the Float. This is designed to be used with our Rota or Schedule system. 

When Santa isn't travelling around the roads he resides in Lapland. This is an example page for the public to view his whereabouts in real time:

Santa routes 2023

Where is Santa?

Santa has returned to the Santa Claus Village in Lapland

You may easily change this text to suit your event

For a 'live' demo, go to our Rota page on your PC and our Tracker page on your mobile - after a short delay, you'll see your current location on the map on your PC page


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More information may be available if you click on the relevant Route

Day Date Time Route
Thu 1st 18:00 ‑ 20:00 Reading Road
Fri 2nd 10:00 ‑ 12:30 Farnborough Road
Sat 3rd 00:00 ‑ 00:00 Reindeer Resting
Day Date Time Route

The table of routes updates daily and when the relevant day comes, a table of streets to be visited may be displayed. Other information may be included on the page such as where to donate online or even a simple questionnaire using our Poll system.

Reading Road

These are the roads we hope to visit on Thursday 1st December 2022 from 18:00 until 20:00 but cannot guarantee times and we may not complete the route because we have to finish on time.

Reading Road
Reading Close
Another Road
The Orchard
Last Road
Hilltop View
Another Close
Reading Avenue
End of Route

To make an online donation to our Santa appeal, please go to our Just Giving page Just Giving logo