Bandwidth: 2Gb per month
Storage: 1Gb
Domain name: Registration or renewal of a single UK domain (automatically renewed each year)
On-line membership database
On-line schedule or rota system
On-line photo gallery and slide-show on any page
On-line Action Lists More...
On-line Mailing Lists More...
Secure SSL encryption
Email forwarding system: Up to 100 addresses based on your domain name
5 POP3 mailboxes
Cost per year: 120+VAT = 144.00

A .com .net .eu .name .info .biz .org name costs more to register and renew.
Cost per year: 138.00+VAT = 165.60

A .me name costs even more to register and renew.

Cost per year: 162.00+VAT = 194.40

Club-Sites email

100 POP3 mailboxes - have a separate club mailbox for each of your members
Extra cost per year: 60+VAT = 72.00

Club-Sites on-line booking system

Ticketing and booking system for your events More...
Extra cost per year: 120+VAT = 144.00

Domain registration only service

We also register, renew and maintain domain names on your behalf:

1-year registration/renewal of .uk domain names: 36+VAT = 43.20 (Nominet terms and conditions for .uk names)
1-year registration/renewal of .com .net .eu .name .info .biz .org domain names: 49+VAT = 58.80 (ICANN terms and conditions for .com .net .eu .name .info .biz and .org)
1-year registration/renewal of .me domains names: 65+VAT = 78.00 (Centralnic terms and conditions for and

We do not charge release fees or transfer fees. You will have full control of your domain and may move it elsewhere at any time without penalty.

To discuss and order a domain name only please use the Contact Us form or call Tom Sayers on 01252 517611.


Email forwarding to up to 100 individual email addresses or groups is also included.

Our servers have comprehensive virus and spam filters that are updated daily.

For individuals and 'not for profit' organisations only; companies should visit 

Full scale site design encompassing databases, catalogues, multimedia and online shop facilities is also available at extra cost. Very high bandwidth usage may incur extra charges.

General terms

VAT is included in the prices above. We invoice annually in advance.

In the unlikely case of your bandwidth quota being regularly exceeded we may make an additional charge.

Offensive language or images will not be tolerated nor will abuse of the email system with SPAM mail. Any website breaching these rules will be closed without warning and with no refund.

We reserve the right to vary these terms without prior notice.

See our full Terms and Conditions.