Editing system

Creating pages 

 Create a page on the main menu

 Create a sub menu

 Create a hidden page (a web page that does not appear on the site map) 

 Move a main menu page or a sub menu page down the running order pages 

 Move a main menu page or a sub menu page up the running order pages

 Lock a page for editing to test a hyperlink

 Look at the html behind a page

 Undo a recent change

 Redo a recent undo

Editing a page



 Justify left


 Justify right

 Paragraph font

 Page header - 5-6 words only


 Paragraph heading

 Paragraph heading

 Paragraph heading


 Set text as quote 

 Numbered list

 Bullet list

 Paragraph font size - larger than standard and smaller than standard

 Paragraph font alternative colours - usually two

 Centres text and adds a coloured background behind the text across the screen

 Create 2 column layout

 Create 3 column layout

 Create 4 column layout

 Create a hyperlink either within the website or to an external website

 Converts a hyperlink to a button

 Create a deep link

 Add a horizontal line

 Force line under a picture

 Select a picture 

 Insert an image or pdf 

 Save the page

 Publish the page

 Unpublish a page

 Lock a page for editing

 Look at the html behind a page

 Undo a recent change

 Redo a recent undo

Add a feature to a page

 Add a calendar

 Add a table includes: adding deleting columns, text placement within a column, column width, cell background colour choice, etc

 Add a sidebar

 Add a Facebook feed

 Add a Google map based on a postcode

 Add a video from YouTube

 Add a countdown timer to an event

 Add a back button

 Refresh page

 Add a print button to a page

 Create a newsletter

 Add a gallery to a page

 Create an online poll