Frequently Asked Questions

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Control panel quick reference

Trusted sites process - you need only follow this once the first time you log into your website with Internet Explorer

How to manage...


Email groups


Will my website set cookies on my visitors' computers?

Editing pages

I want to unpublish a page

Sub menus, moving menu items and deleting pages

How do I create a main menu page?

How do I create a sub menu?

How do I change the running order of menu items.

I want to delete a page

Members only

How do I add a new member?

How do I add an editor?    

I want to tell our members about a members-only event.  How do I do this?

Keeping files so that only members can access them. 


How do I use the automated calendar?

Bookmarks and undo

How do I set a hyperlink to take my reader to a specific point on a page using a bookmark?

What are the options if I want to undo a change? 

Break command and sidebars

How do I use the break command to keep a page of images and text looking tidy?

How do I create a sidebar on a page?

Downloadable files (such as pdfs) and webpages that don't appear on a menu

I want readers to be able to download a file from our website.

I'd like to create a webpage that doesn't appear on any menu - which option do I choose?

Pictures and videos

How do I add a picture to a web page?   

Quick overview of problems uploading pictures. 

I've just uploaded a picture, I saved it and then published but now the picture's gone.  What happened?

How to add hover text (or alt text) to a picture. 

How do I transfer pictures in a PowerPoint presentation to my website? 

I want to add some photographs to my website but they are over 1Mb is this a problem?

I want to add a video.


How do I set up a table?

I'm using a table, how do I make the borders invisible to the reader?

Search engines

How do I introduce our website to the major search engines?

Emails and spam

I'd like to keep spam to a minimum?

How do I use Email Forwarding?

Useful content ideas

Adding a Google map to your website.

I want to create a newsletter.

I want to add a banner or logo in the left-hand column.


A green flash appears across the control panel whenever I save. What's that about?

I've received a domain renewal notice, but it's not from Squarezone.  What should I do?

An overview of your webstatistics.

I want to change my password

Members only area

How does my club take advantage of the members only area?

I would like club members to see the members only area.  How do I do this?

Creating sub menus in the members' only area

Gadget Pack

Using the gallery

Using the slide show 
















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