Frequently Asked Questions

Download and print

Control panel quick reference


Will my website set cookies on my visitors' computers?

Editing pages

I want to unpublish a page

Sub menus, moving menu items and deleting pages

How do I create a main menu page?

How do I create a sub menu?

How do I change the running order of menu items.

I want to delete a page

Members only

How do I add a new member?

How do I add an editor?

I want to tell our members about a members-only event.  How do I do this?


How do I use the automated calendar?

Bookmarks and undo

How do I set a hyperlink to take my reader to a specific point on a page using a bookmark?

What are the options if I want to undo a change? 

Break command and sidebars

How do I use the break command to keep a page of images and text looking tidy?

How do I create a sidebar on a page?

Downloadable files (such as pdfs) and webpages that don't appear on a menu

I want readers to be able to download a file from our website.

I'd like to create a webpage that doesn't appear on any menu - which option do I choose?

Pictures and videos

How do I add a picture to a web page?

Quick overview of problems uploading pictures.

I've just uploaded a picture, I saved it and then published but now the picture's gone.  What happened?

How to add hover text (or alt text) to a picture.

How do I transfer pictures in a PowerPoint presentation to my website?

I want to add some photographs to my website but they are over 1Mb is this a problem?

I want to add a video.


How do I set up a table?

I'm using a table, how do I make the borders invisible to the reader?

Search engines

How do I introduce our website to the major search engines?

Emails and spam

I'd like to keep spam to a minimum?

How do I use Email Forwarding?

Useful content ideas

Adding a Google map to your website.

I want to create a newsletter.

I want to add a banner or logo in the left-hand column.


A green flash appears across the control panel whenever I save. What's that about?

I've received a domain renewal notice, but it's not from Squarezone.  What should I do?

An overview of your webstatistics.

I want to change my password

Members only area

How does my club take advantage of the members only area?

I would like club members to see the members only area.  How do I do this?