All about cookies

Use of cookies on Club-Sites websites

Legislation that came into force on the 26th of May 2012 may affect you if your website uses Cookies.

If you are using a standard Club-Sites website don't need to take any action because our Cookies are set only when you log-in and are "strictly necessary" to maintain the log-in. Our Cookie contains no personal information, just a reference number that our server can read when you change page. It is a 'Session Cookie' and will be removed when you close your browser. Club-Sites websites do not set cookies for visitors.

However, if you have added Cookie setting HTML or JavaScript code to a Club-Sites website you should, depending on the type of Cookie, obtain visitor consent prior to setting them. A good example is Google Analytics. 

Club-Sites websites and SpeedEweb websites (our small business system) do not set third party cookies.

The policy is declared in the Terms of Use at the footer of your webpage.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file held by a website within a browser, it is designed to help websites remember information or actions that the browser had carried out in the past - such as having clicked particular buttons, logging in to a website, or having previously viewed a page.

Cookies cannot carry a virus or install malware on your computer.  

Session cookies

Club-Sites uses session cookies, these remain on your computer whilst you are logged in to your website, once you log out and close your browser they are automatically deleted. When you are logged in they allow you to see pages that are not available unless you are authorised.

Third party cookies

Third party "tracking" cookies are often used to track someone's browsing history, so if you read an article about garden chairs you will often find that advertising on subsequent websites relates to garden furniture. Possibly useful if you are looking to buy a piece of furniture, but irritating if it continues after you've bought it.

Shop loyalty cards are a form of cookie.