Adding multiple editors

This is done in two stages:

  1. Create the user in the email forwarding table
  2. Add the name to the user list

Creating the user in the email forwarding table

To add a webmaster for each club you will first need to add them to your email forwarding list, as you add them include them in a group - say clubwebmasters or clubeditors - and also include their club name with a comma in between.

Complete the Name column, leave the Email addressed to column blank, add the group information mentioned above and add their personal email address.

Email forwarding table

When you have finished click on Update (it's probably best to click on Update after adding every 2-3 members in case of power failure or a drop in broadband connection). 

The system will then insert the user names for each member.  This is based on firstname.lastname and will be their personal email address eg juliet.browne@ and their user name.  It will also put the list in alphabetic order based on the first letter of the first name.

Finished email forwarding table 

Adding the name to the User list

To add the individual, or generic name such as sussex.editor to the user list, go to the Members' area and select Manage Users.

From the drop down list select add a new user:

Adding a new user

Using the drop down menu on the Level option, select editor:

Adding an editor 

Now select the name of the user from the drop down selection:

Adding a named editor

Add a password and you're nearly there!

Adding user password

A new box will now appear so you can mark which pages the editor can update, including the Calendar pages - worth sharing if you want to include all events:

Editors and pages

Now you need to advise each individual member of their user name and password.

An alternative method when you are adding a lot of editors

1. Set up the email forwarding table described above

2. Send an email to webmaster@ asking them to go to the Log In page and choose Please email me my password

Email me my password 

A new screen will appear to them requesting their user name and their email address hence the system generated consistant format for the user name / email address: firstname.lastname - the email address is easy because you've just emailed to it!

Password reminder


 Ask people to email you once they have carried out this process.

3. As people sign in you can start setting them up as editors. Go to Manage Users and instead of adding a user, select the individual from the drop down, update their level from member to editor (leave their password unless they have asked you to change it) and assign pages for them to edit, finally click on Update User.

It's all in the preparation

There is no getting away from this being a big job, especially if there are a lot of editors, but it is a job that is done only once (with occasional updates as members change) and if done with some initial planning (especially the groups), as administrator, you will reap the benefits of a very efficient system in years to come.