Main menu pages

As you see from this website, we have a few main menu items across the main bar, many of these menu items contain sub menu pages. The Newsletter is probably the best example.

It is worth having a few main menu pages and then breaking down the information on that page to sub pages.

Creating a main menu

Go to your Home page.

FAQ how to make a main menu 

Use the new sub menu icon Main menu item icon give the new page a title (1-2 words only), click on OK.  A new window will open asking for a description, this is the text that appears when you hover on a menu item. So, for example on this website, if you point at FAQ on the menu bar above you will see text appearing below that says "Frequently asked questions for web updaing".  This information is useful to both your reader and the search engines and saves you using a very long title for the page name which will eat up space across the menu bar. Once you've typed in your own descriptive text click on OK.

A new page will appear with it's heading on the top bar, save it, now you are ready to start adding content!