Adding a video

There are many opportunities for clubs to add a YouTube video to their website - Lions, Rotary and Round Table clubs might report on an event, sewing groups might illustrate threading a sewing machine or working a special stitch, or a sports club might record prize giving.    

Once you are happy with your video follow the instructions to upload it to YouTube (it's very easy). Copy the URL at the top of the page.

Copy the address bar when watching your video 


Now go to your club's website, go to the page where the video is to appear and place the cursor on the page at the point you want the video to appear. Click on the video icon Video iconand it will appear on the page,  when you save the page the icon will turn into your video. 

The Lions Club of Fleet have included a video of their motorcycle rally which might provide you with some inspiration, have a look (it's about half way down the page).



Using Vimeo?

Just follow the same instructions as for YouTube.