Using pictures from PowerPoint


If you want to use pictures from a PowerPoint presentation on your website, it is very simple to retrieve the images.

If your computer has PowerPoint, open the presentation by double clicking on the file supplied.

If your computer doesn't have Powerpoint, save the powerpoint file to your desktop, now open up Internet Explorer and go to File, select Open As and then choose the Powerpoint file from your desktop.

Now that your file is open in either PowerPoint or Internet Explorer, go to File, select Save As and save as type: Web page (*.html or htm) - I recommend you save it on your desktop.

Powerpoint will automatically take apart the presentation and save it in bits - including the images as JPEGs in a new folder.

Go to your desktop and open up the folder, you will find a folder inside with all the images as separate files.  You can now upload them to your website. 

There is a very slight reduction in size of the image.