Using Tables

There may be occasions when you want to display a lot of data such as a list of the officers of your club with say contact details or responsibilities.  Using a table you can set out the information in an easy to read format.

Place your cursor at the point you wish to place the table and select the table icon  insert a table icon   You will then be asked for the number of columns and then the number of rows. 

If you select 3 columns by 3 you will find a table like this:


Fill the columns as appropriate:

Officer Name Email  firstname.lastname
Chairman John Smith john.smith
Treasurer Jane Smith jane.smith

Columns are self adjusting according to the longest piece of data.  Use [shift + enter] to keep text close together if you are forcing a break, otherwise text will automatically wrap inside the box. 

To insert a row part way through the table, place your cursor in the row immediately after the required new row and select the Insert Row icon  insert row icon

To insert a row at the bottom of the table, select the Add Row icon add row icon

To insert a column part way through the table, place your cursor in the column immediately after the required new column and select the Insert Colunn insert column icon

To insert a column at the right hand side select the Add Column icon add column icon

To delete a row, place your cursor in the appropriate row and select the Delete Row icon delete row icon

To delete a column, place your cursor in the appropriate column and select the Delete Column icondelete column icon

To delete the whole table, click once on it to select (rather like selecting a picture) and then press delete on your keyboard.

To move the whole table up or down the page (above or below text), click on the table to select it and then drag it to the new position.

You can insert an image into a table, select the image in the usual way, then place the cursor in the appropriate box and select the Image placement icon image placement icon
Text can be aligned left, right, centred or justified in each box, you can also use italics and bold.

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