Move menus

You can move a menu item left or right across the top menu bar (but never to the left of the Home page) and on sub menus you can move a menu page up or down.

Moving a menu item

To move pages on your website:

Go to the page you want to move

FAQ - how to move a menu up and down the list

On the Control Panel (bottom row) there is a Menu Item called Move up iconMenu item move up icon and a Move Menu Item Down iconMove menu item down icon - click on the appropriate icon to move the page move left or right on the horizontal menu bar or if it is a vertical menu list it will move up or down the list


FAQ - how to rename a menu

If you want to rename a page. Make sure you are on the page and click the Rename iconrename menu item icon and over write the name, or if you just want to change the hover text, hit enter and then update the descriptive text in the next window.