PDF newsletters

Placing your newsletter on your website can reduce your club's postage costs considerably.

Adding a pdf

Firstly go to the Members' area and select Download/Upload public documents.

Public files

Using browse, select your pdf and upload it to the website.

Newsletter sitting in public files folder

Now click on the information in the column called "Copy this link - right click and select Copy Shortcut", a new menu will appear, point at the Copy Shortcut option and click.

Copying shortcuts

Now go to your webpage of newsletters, highlight the appropriate text and click on the hyperlink icon Hyperlink icon

The hyperlink window will open, delete the information in blue:

 Hyperlink box

Now place your cursor point in the URL field and paste in the shortcut you copied earlier.

Hyperlink box with shortcut pasted in 

Click OK and save the page.  You can test your link by clicking on the padlock icon Padlock icon  The page will open in another window or tab.

Ideas for newsletter page layouts

If you need a little inspiration here are a few ideas:

Newsletter simple table 

This uses a simple table, remind me how to create a table...


Newsletters front covers 

This uses a table, borders removed and with each pdf linked to an image of the front cover.