Thumbnails for pdfs, links and newsletters

Using a mini image as a button for a link can add a touch of polish to a website.

Fleet Lions Club put this to good use in November for their colouring competition, a link was included so that children could download a picture from the website:

Click on the image to download a drawing of the clock tower clock tower colouring competition

If you start with a jpg you can quite easily create a pdf, however creating a jpg from a pdf is a bit more technical.

I've been using an on-line system called Zamzar for some time now and I am confident to recommend it.

The process is very easy and quick.

Creating the jpg

Firstly, go to the website (where do they get these crazy names from?!)

zamzar website

 The process is quite intuitive:

uploading your pdf, choosing  to convert it to a jpg and giving them an email address to send the file instruction

 They send you an email, most of the time this arrives almost instantly, but occasionally I have had to wait a few minutes:

email from zamzar


When you click on the link you will be taken back to the website where your file is waiting to be downloaded:

Collecting your jpg

You can look at the image in Microsoft Paint or similar image editing software or put it straight on to your website. 

A jpg of the original pdf

Now you just add the link to your pdf, see how...




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