December 2011 

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Whilst we won't be in the office over the holidays we will be checking our emails so if any queries or problems arise let us know, we'll respond as quickly as possible.

Happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2012!

Best wishes


Juliet Browne
Tel: 01252 517611

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Christmas card from Club-Sites

Happy Christmas
from all the team

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A new option - unpublish
From time to time it's useful to remove a page from public view, perhaps a competition page or details of an event that has passed, you're loath to delete the page because you'll ultimately have to retype it, now you can unpublish the page - see how...

Making full use of the calendar
If you are not already using your calendar why not take a few minutes to see what can be achieved.  It self up-dates, provides automatic links to maps using the venue postcode and you can link it to a page within the website.  Even if you are using it, make sure you are making the most of all the features.  Have a look...