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Understanding Your Web Statistics
Ever wondered how many people visit your website?  Have a look at your web statistics...

New Feature: Frequently Asked Questions
We've gatherered together the subjects covered over the last few months to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to supplement the information in the Tutorial.  We'll add useful items from each future newsletter plus a few extra reminders.  Have a quick look and bookmark the page for future reference...
Adding a Banner or Slogan to the Left-hand Corner
You will see that our daffodil logo appears in the left-hand corner with a short slogan, if you would like to add a banner or additional logo to your website, it's very easy...

Last but not least

I had a few reports that the December issue gave a few readers a message that might have deterred you reading the file, this technical problem has resolved so I'm including a link back to the issue so you don't miss some useful items including Adding a Video.  Visit the December issue...