July 2011



It seems that social networking is here to stay, just like the telephone, radio and television.  Depending on what you communicate regularly with your friends or family will drive you to choose a network that suits you, the most popular at the moment are Facebook and Twitter.  As Facebook is the most versatile for communications it seems a good place to start.  So if you are not already on Facebook I will try and allay some of your fears and show you some of the benefits (yes there really are some) to you and your club.

To help me, and so other club-sites users, please keep sending me your experiences (good and bad) with Facebook and Twitter (we'll look at this system later in the year).

As you know Club-Sites is now on Facebook and a few of you are following us.  So far I've found two Club-Sites website clubs using Facebook and I'm going to follow them so you can see how other clubs are using the system to increase visitors to their websites.  If your club is on Facebook do let me know and I'll follow you so we all get a really good idea of what is going on and how it can help.  Facebook will never be able to replace your website, it's aim is to find and drive visitors to your site.

As usual I'm pleased to help with your queries on your club-sites websites, they help us learn what is important to you and they help us refine the on-line support in the Tutorial (available when you are logged in) and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Club-Sites website (available all the time) and help us prioritise the system wish list.

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