March 2013


Will it ever be Spring?

This month I'm focusing on the Members' only area of your website.  This area provides you with an opporunity to encourage members of the club to look at the website(!!) and secondly use the area as repository for useful documents, forms and so on. 

We're introducing a gadget pack which will include a Gallery (have a look at the Lions 105d District website) and a slide show (the Rotary Club of Swindon Thamesdown have been road testing it for us). 

The package will cost 60 per year (50+VAT) in addition to your annual fee, set up is free and there will be plenty of support as usual.  If you are interested let us know and we'll set up a trial version on your website.

Your queries help us learn what is important to you the club users, they help us develop the system and refine our support.  As always the on-line support in the Tutorial is available whenever you are logged in and the our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Club-Sites website is available all the time. 

Best wishes for the Easter weekend!


Juliet Browne
Tel: 01252 517611

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Giving members access to the Members' area of the website
Whether you want to keep minutes, risk assessments or other regularly used documents accessible to club members the Members' only area is ideal. Let's recap on how to add a member...

Keeping good order in your Members' area
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Dates for Members
The calendar is a useful tool at all times, but not all items are open to the public (you don't want crowds of people gatecrashing your Christmas party) so marking an event as Members' only keeps them private.  Let's recap on how to do this...

Last but not least

If you are using Word documents in your website make sure you save the file as a DOC file and not a DOCX file as older versions of Microsoft Word are unable to open docx file - better still use a PDF.