You're not alone...

Establishing other members as editors provides huge benefits, not only does it lift work from the webmaster but it gives ownership of a project to an individual either on their own or as part of a team.  For example the secretary may be responsible for the About us page where they can keep the list of club officers up to date, and another individual may be responsible for updating the information on a particular project eg Christmas show on behalf of a committee or team.

So often the webmaster spends time ringing round or emailing members for pieces of information to complete a page, but having an individual who is close to the project will not only mean they are move likely to have dates, times, etc immediately to hand and they are also more likely to add extra useful information.

Whilst the webmaster (or administrator) has privileges to go anywhere and do anything, members can be set to Editor level so that they can write on a particular page.

Changing a member to an editor

Go to the Members area and select Manage users, select the member from the drop down menu, or add them (see for Member's eyes only...).

Using the drop down select the level Editor, you will now see a new box with all the available pages in the website, tick the boxes that can be edited by this member. 

Tick the Moderated box if you want to have the final say on publishing a page.  The editor can work on a page, saving it as they go along, but when they hit publish an email is sent to the webmaster to request to publish the page, only the webmaster can actually publish the page after viewing it.

Set permissions screen

Now click update.

Job done!