Downloading PDFs and docs

Sometimes you want to give your reader a printed file, such as a form to fill in, a poster to print, a pattern to follow or perhaps a drawing for children to colour. The easiest way to do this is to let them download a PDF or Word file from your website.

To do this, first make a PDF, or a Word file, containing the information. 

Now prepare the page that will include the information and save it.

Go to the members section, select Download/upload public files.  Upload your file (browse and upload).

Now go to the description of the file in the column headed Copy this link - right click and select Copy Shortcut, place your cursor on the text associated with your file, in my case Christmas Files.pdf now right click on your mouse and select Copy Shortcut.

Link to pages in your public file

Take yourself to the page you prepared earlier and type some text to help your reader, perhaps Download poster, or Download drawing, or Download form - whatever is appropriate. 

Now highlight this text, in my case Download Christmas Files and then click on the hyperlink icon, a box will open, go to the field URL and delete the http:// information highlighted in blue and then right click your mouse and paste the information you copied earlier, it will appear as something like: Files.pdf  Save the page and then check the link using the padlock.

Download Christmas Files

The downside of PDFs

A pdf isn't always the only way, read when not to use them... 

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