Adding a picture

If you are having difficulty adding a picture here are a few common problems, together with a solution:


Your image should be a jpg.  

If you are unsure or if the image is definitely not a jpg, open the image using your computer's image software, look for Export (you'll probably find in in the menu that drops down from the File option), follow the instructions to export the image as a jpg.

Check the file name

Does the name include a punctuation mark?  Such as: president's award.jpg

The file name must contain only alphabetic or numeric characters - so use presidents award.jpg instead.

Using a picture more than once

If you need to use a picture or graphic twice - say on the home page and again on a report on another page - make a second copy of the picture eg chairman-homepage.jpg and chairman-report.jpg.  See a demonstration...

Images attached to emails should be downloaded 

Pictures often arrive as an email attachment, make sure you save the image to your computer (desktop or filing system) trying to retrieve the image from the email will ultimately give you problems.