April 2011



This month you might be able to help me.  I'm gathering experiences on how clubs and groups make use of Facebook -does your club use social networks to promote events?  I'll include a report in the June issue of our newsletter, so if you have had any experiences I would be very interested to hear form you over the next couple of weeks.

Keep sending in your queries, they help us learn what is important to you and they help us refine the on-line support in the Tutorial (when you are logged in) and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Club-Sites website.

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Juliet Browne
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Thumbnail images
Next time you are adding a poster, leaflet, newsletter or even a form you can easily create a mini image and use it as a button.  See how...

Creating a thumbnail image from a pdf
If you only have a pdf, how do you create a thumbnail image?  On-line system, Zamzar (free software), works for me, have a look at the process...

Last but not least...

Trouble uploading a picture? You've checked the trusted sites status and the image is saved as a jpg, have a closer look.  Does the name include a punctuation mark (usually an apostrophe)?  If so rename the file without any punctuation.

Publishing your club's Charity number on the contact us page