May 2010



Welcome to our May Newsletter.

This month I thought it would be useful to look at how your club website can help your club behind the scenes. 

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Best wishes

Juliet Browne


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Email forwarding
Trying to remember every club member's email address is difficult, so make full use of the email system that comes with your website.  See how...

For members eyes only... 
The members area provides a great opportunity to keep useful club files such as posters, headed paper, event lists and risk assessments.  Take advantage of this useful area...

You're not alone!
One of the key features (and benefits) of a Club-Site website is that it is multi-user, so the poor webmaster doesn't have to sit and type in everything, he can delegate!  Find out how... 

Last but not least...

Keeping your calendar up to date to help people find your events...