May 2012


This month we are looking at cookies, menus, byelines and mottos and a quick refresh on email forwarding.

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Cookies are in the news. Find out how your club's website is affected...

Menus, sub menus and hidden pages
At the outset of designing the layout for your website and periodically as you develop your website over the years, it's a good idea to review the structure to ensure your readers can find information quickly and easily.  Read about site plans and different types of page...

Changing your byeline or motto
An easy job for the webmaster, see how...

Last but not least...
With 1 July only a few weeks away, Lions and Rotary clubs might start thinking about preparing to update email forwarding to the new officers.  Here's a reminder of how to do this...

Rotary, Inner Wheel and Lions clubs don't forget to update your email forwarding on 30th June...