October 2012


This month we look at making the gridlines on tables invisible, adding a second recipient for Contact Us form enquiries and a reminder on how to add a link to your club's Facebook page.

Next month look out for news on a gallery and slide show gadget.

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Removing grid lines from tables
Tables are useful to display information, sometimes you need those lines to help the reader but sometimes they make a table look busy. Find out how to remove grid lines...

Adding a second person to receive the Contact Us form
When you are away and can't respond as quickly as usual to enquiries via the Contact Us form why not add a second person to the list rather than moving the forwarding away from your email completely. Find out how...

Making use of your Facebook page
Facebook is a good opportunity to build a mailing list.  People like page and then you can keep them update on forthcoming events.  Find out how to add a link to your club's Facebook page... 

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