August 2009



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Club-Sites Newsletter - August 2009

Creating a page that doesn't appear on the menu or sub menu

This can be very useful if you want to give information, but that information doesn't warrant a mention on a menu.  For instance a Lions, Rotary or Round Table Club might want to give information on a small event; an amateur dramatic society may want to provide backgrounds to participants in a current play; or a book club might like to provide a book review.   Setting up a hidden page...


Designing a new page

A blank page can be daunting to some and exciting to others.  Planning your page...  


Last but not least...

Check your Contact Us form works - don't miss enquiries because they're going to an old or redundant email address. Updating email forwarding...

There are two ways to find your website: typing the web address into the address field on your browser and appearing on a search list.  Introducing your website to the major search engines...