February 2013


Still keeping to my New Year's resolution to send the Newsletter out promptly - well just!  I can't even remember the other resolutions now...

This month we look at hover text.  Hover text is the text that appears on the screen when your mouse points at an image or an item on your menus.  

Hover text on a menu item provides you with an opportunity to elaborate so you might have a page called Events and the hover text adds Our forthcoming events, your News page might have a description What we've been up to recently, or you might have Events with a description Club activities.  Google and the other search engines look at this information and add it to their indexes and it helps improve your readers' visit to your site.

Hover text on an image tells visually impaired readers what or who is in the picture - the information is picked up by their screen reader.  The information is also used by the search engines to index your website.  So it really is worth taking a few moments to write something succinct. 

The big benefit of websites is it's never too late to change what you've written!  So have a look at Hover text associated with main and sub menu items and Hover text associated with an image.

We also look at removing outdated videos and review the options available to you when you want to undo some work.

The Club-Sites road show will be out and about Lions District 105d in Windsor 22-23 March so I hope to meet a few webmasters there.

I'd love to meet other webmasters so if your club or group is putting on a show or event open to the public please let me know. 

Please keep sending links to your Facebook pages and Twitter feeds so we can ensure that the Club-Sites system and social media work together. 

Your queries help us learn what is important to you the club users, they help us develop the system and refine our support.  As always the on-line support in the Tutorial is available whenever you are logged in and the our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Club-Sites website is available all the time. 

Best wishes


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It's always good to bovver with hover
Make the best use of the hover text associated with a menu item (main and sub).  You can change the hover text on a page at any time...

Make the best use of the hover text associated with an image.  This will help visually impaired readers and help the search engines index your website.  You can change the hover text on an image at any time...

Deleting an old video
Videos of events are great but sometimes they become outdated, you can easily delete a video, here's how...

Lady MacBeth might have said "What's done cannot be undone" 
But it's not always so with a website.  Here's a reminder of how to undo an action...

Last but not least

We've seen a few AOL users have had their email systems compromised and spam email has been sent out in their name.  Don't panic if this has happened to you, talk to AOL or communicate with them by email using their contact details, they will help you.