January 2013


Happy New Year!  So far I've made a good start on keeping my New Year's Resolution to get the Newsletter out promptly!  Not too sure about the other resolutions...

This month we look at making use of generic email addresses and the Public and Private Folders in the Members' area. 

The Club-Sites road show will be out and about at some Lions District Conventions in the South and Southwest of England during February so I hope to meet a few of you.

If your club or group go to exhibitions or hold regional meetings let me know and we'll see if we can attend.  It's a nice opportunity to meet customers and demonstrate what we offer to other groups and clubs considering a website presence.

Please keep sending links to your Facebook pages and Twitter feeds so we can ensure that the Club-Sites system and social media work together. 

Your queries help us learn what is important to you the club users, they help us develop the system and refine our support.  As always the on-line support in the Tutorial is available whenever you are logged in and the our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Club-Sites website is available all the time. 

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


Juliet Browne
Tel: 01252 517611

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Making use of generic email addresses
Does your club publish personal email addresses for the public to use to find more information about an event?  A generic email address has lots of advantages, have a look...

The difference between the Public Folder and the Private Folder
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Last but not least

How well do you know the Control Panel?  It's worth keeping our quick guide to hand a reminder of what can be done download the latest version