March 2011


I'm pleased to have been able to help a few of you brighten up the colours on your website since my last newsletter.  This is an open ended offer so don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to reconsider your colour scheme in the future.

Good news this month, if you are adding an image you don't now need to reduce it before adding it to your pages.  The system will now reduce all but the very biggest image (photos above 10Mb). 

Keep sending in your queries, they help us learn what is important to you and they help me refine the on-line support.

Best wishes

Juliet Browne
Tel: 01252 517611

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Copying a whole webpage
Occasionally you need to copy the contents of a page to another.  Here's how...

Adding new members quickly and easily
Once you've added editors and committee members you are faced with the task of adding the rest of the members - no small job if you are a big club.  Here's a quick and easy way to do it... 

Last but not least...

FAQ: Don't forget the link to Frequently Asked Questions I regularly update it with notes I've included in the newsletter.  Let me know if there is something you regularly forget how to do, I can easily add a how to.

Domin name registration: We recently received a letter offering to renew one of our domain names.  If you receive a letter like this ignore it, you all own your own domain names, they are registered in your name.  We simply act as administrator for you as part of our service.  You will only ever receive a note from us (Squarezone Ltd) unless you manage your own domain name.