November 2010



Welcome to this month's Newsletter. 

Do please email me with any problems or bits that puzzle you, I'll answer personally and then I may use your problem to help others.

If you are hoping to encourage other club members to help you, I'll be pleased to add them to my mailing list so they get a feel for the system.

Best wishes

Juliet Browne
Tel: 01252 517611


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Updating an event on your calendar
As the season of diaries and new calendars approaches what better time to get ahead with your on-line calendar for next year.  Get the best from your calendar...

Last but not least...

Don't forget to check any links to other websites.  Links that go nowhere are frustrating for the reader and won't endear you to the search engines.  I even missed one the other day on this website which was picked up by a reader, so red face here.