November 2012


As November hastens into December quicker than I can type, we're nearly at the end of the year.

I can see more and more clubs adding a Facebook page to their web presence, I try to "like" each page so as to help keep up with your news, but it would be a great help if you would send a link to your Facebook page so I can check I haven't missed anyone.  Don't forget the more fans you have the greater the viral marketing opportunities.

This month we have a look at adding links to videos, moving pages and converting files using an external system.

Don't struggle with problems or worries on your website, you can ring me (office hours Monday-Friday) or email me any time and now you can find me on: Skype: juliet.browne.squarezone  I'm very happy to help you - there's no charge.

Your queries help us learn what is important to you the club users, they help us develop the system and refine our support.  As always the on-line support in the Tutorial is available whenever you are logged in and the our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Club-Sites website is available all the time. 

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Moving pages within your website
Sometimes you need to move a page, here's how...

Need to convert a file from one format to another?
Club-Sites has been testing Zamzar, find out more...

Adding a video to your website
Your club may have a video on YouTube or Vimeo or if your club is part of a national or international group which has professionally made videos on YouTube or Vimeo it's nice to be able to embed a link in your website straight to the video. YouTube is a favourite link for Google so if you're interested in your search engine optimisation it's definitely worth investigating a video.  Here's how...

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Last but not least...

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