September 2010



Welcome to our September Newsletter.  This month I've included a couple of useful sheets to download and keep and we look at how to re-arrange your menus and use hidden pages with the calendar.

Do please email me with any problems or bits that puzzle you, I'll answer personally and then I may use your problem to help others.

If you are hoping to encourage other club members to help you, I'll be pleased to add them to my mailing list so they get a feel for the system.

Best wishes

Juliet Browne
Tel: 01252 517611


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Move menus
As you add new menu or sub menu items you need to re-jig the running order, see how it's done...

Hidden Pages for Members' eyes only
Whether you embed the hidden page link in an email or add it to the members' only events calendar you can use hidden pages to give information to members.  See how...


Last but not least...

A few useful files to download and keep:

The Control Panel - you might find this prompt sheet helpful, especially if you don't edit your website every day. 

Adding your website to trusted sites - whether you are using a different computer or adding a new editor you will need to add your website to Trusted Sites. Ipve prepared a pdf to talk you through the process.