June 2012


Yes it is still June!  The June newsletter is early, or rather it's not late.

This month we look at putting newsletters on your website; making the most of district and village hall clubs - by sharing the workload; bookmarks - a really useful facility for websites that are packed with information and the problems that occur with pictures.

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Your queries help us learn what is important to you, they help us develop the system and refine our support.  As always the on-line support in the Tutorial is available whenever you are logged in and the Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Club-Sites website is available all the time. 

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Keeping your newsletters on your club website allows you to ask members to download and print their own copy (saving printing, postage and time) and it keeps a record there for the future. Whether you keep them in the members only area or publish them for public view here's how to get started...

Making the best of district groups & village hall websites
If you are a district or village hall website webmaster encouraging editors to look after their own webpage is a good idea: the more information on the website the more the search engines will index your pages.  But how do you gather all this information?  By asking an individual from each club to maintain their own page.  See how... 

Bookmarks are a great way of moving visitors around your website
They are a bit tricky, but once mastered it is very useful to take a reader to a point mid way through a different page.  Let's take a look...


Last but not least...

Sometime images go fuzzy. Are you using the same image twice on your website?  Have a look at this demonstration...

Image problems can have all sorts of causes, have a look at our troubleshooting guide...

Rotary, Inner Wheel and Lions clubs don't forget to update your email forwarding on 30th June...